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Grab Your Self A Free Phone Case!

Simply select which design you want and what design that you want and add it to the cart completely free.

Why are we giving away FREE phone cases?

Because we just want to increase the amount of people that know about us. Nothing underhanded here, we're doing something nice for you in the hope you might talk about us on a forum or in a Facebook group...

To that end, if you want to thank us for your free phone case then feel free to talk about us on forums, Facebook groups and to SWMBO, your boss or anyone else you think will listen. :)

We will withdraw this offer when our stocks run out so order now as it may not be available when you come back!

We are currently offering the most popular phone models listed below. If you have a different type of phone then please email us (support@yourbrew.co.uk) and we may be able to accommodate if enough people have the same phone type request. The phone models we currently offer are:

  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+
  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S9+
  • Galaxy Note 7
  • Galaxy Note 8
  • iPhone 6
  • Iphone 6+
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s+
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7+
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8+
  • iPhone X

The phone case is a clear plastic case with the design of your choice printed on. Placement of your chosen design may vary slightly to the displayed images due to variations in camera locations on different phone models.

There are a few rules to this special offer:
1) Only one phone case per customer.
2) Anyone attempting to get extra phones by using different email addresses or 2nd and/or work addresses will have their account deleted and banned. We're trying to give you a free case here, don't take advantage!