DIY Cap Transfers

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UPDATE: These caps are available as a test product
They are still in development and so may not be the perfect final product that we are aiming towards. If you have thoughts after using the transfers then please let us know.


Each "set" of cap transfers contains 30 images. These transfers are easily applied to a bottle top and can be applied even after a brew has been bottled.

Instructions For Application

  1. Ensure the cap that you want to apply the transfer to is clean and dry
  2. Cut a single image off
  3. Rub the image so that it is stuck entirely to the transparent layer
    1. The more detailed and intricate your design, the more precise you will need to be
    2. Using a credit card, plastic scraper or similar can speed up the process and help
  4. Carefully peel the transparent layer from the backing sheet
    1. Go slowly to start and if an area does not stick to the transparent side then lay the transparent film back down and rub a little harder over the area that hasn’t stuck and then start peeling again
  5. Once you have the image entirely peeled off, apply it to the cap exactly where you want it and rub down hard ensuring the image does not slip
  6. Carefully peel the transparent film off and the image will remain on the cap
    1. As before, if any part of the image does not come then it can be laid back down and rubbed harder before restarting the peel

The image transferred to the cap will “cure” over time and become more durable (they will be quite soft when first applied)