Our New Cap Customization Method

We have had this in development for some time now, a way that you can use our technology of printing onto caps in low volume that you can use at home whenever you want. Its now (finally) ready.

Take a look at the video below to see it in action, it really is that easy.... 



This low cost method will mean that you can customise your caps even after you have bottled your brews. Any design that you have been able to add previously to our standard custom bottle caps can be done with these.

They're effectively ultra thin (micro-millimetres) vinyl that is laser cut and prepared ready to be applied.

We'll be offering a discount on first orders when this launches at the start of November.

We'll be offering this process for bottles too (just needs some fine tuning) as well as offering clear labels as well (reusable and permanent). Stay tuned for all the details. 😁