Design Guide

You might think that creating a design for your caps and labels is easy, or you might really struggle coming up with an idea of what you want to put in the design. Either way this guide will give you some tips and tricks to make your design look the best it possibly can.

Bottle Caps

When it comes to creating a custom bottle cap it's normal to try and fit everything you can onto it, but you should remember that bottle caps are very small - trying to shrink a photo down might seem like a good idea but the end result might not be everything you've dreamed of. Here are a few things you should know:

Image Selection

You may want to shrink a photo of your cat down and fit it on your bottle cap but the end result might not be as good as you thought. Take a look at this example of before and after:

**Image of designer with photo and printed image of the same design**

Better designs focus on simpler elements. Basic logos and text look great and end up looking more professional. Its also good to not try and fit too many colours into the image as well - when things get shrunk down with lots of colours then they tend to merge together and stop looking as good as they once did.

**image of logo with single colour (white cap) compared with image of logo trying to fit too much on (coloured cap)**

PRO TIP: If you want a more complex design or absolutely have to have a photo on the cap then its best to use a white cap, it makes the colours stand out best.


When uploading your own design the image should be 600 x 600 pixels, this will allow us to print the image in the best resolution that we can. You are welcome to upload higher resolution images but please be aware that the larger the image size the longer it will take to upload and create your design using our online design tool. Equally you can certainly use images of a lower resolution but edges in the design may not appear as smooth on the bottle cap.


It is quite simply impossible for us to replicate the exact colours that are on your screen. In the printing industry this process is known as "colour matching". To get an exact colour requires multiple prints and/or the use of Pantone colours as well as other methods. As a rule of thumb, due to the printing process images are generally darker once printed than they are on screen. 

**Image of before and aftercaps showing darker colour**

Please also bear in mind that vivid colours that appear on screen cannot be replicated. Your screen has a light behind it making colours appear defined and bright, unfortunately our caps don't have a light in them and when we try to put put one in it stops them from working...


You may have heard of something called a "bleed area" if you've ever had something printed before - this is an areathat print professionals use to realign the image printed onto a background by cutting the image slightly off centre if the image is misaligned when printed - allowing a misaligned print to be central on the final product (such as business cards).

We do not have the ability to cut away any of the bottle cap as it stops them working very effectively. As such there remains the possibility that your image may be up to 1mm otu of alignment from the centre of the cap. This is something that is out of our control.

To minimise the impact of this we advise against having a "hard circle" design as it draws the eye to the alignment of the image. For example:

** image of writing surrounded by circle and image of writing not surrounded by circle **

Both of the caps in the image are misaligned by approximately 1mm, however only the cap with the outer circle on is noticeably out of central alignment. If you can live with the possibility of a slight offset then we will be happy to print a hard circled image for you, buit the choice is yours.

White Backgrounds

We realise that sometimes you may need to remove a white (or any other colour) background from your image but you might not have the programs or knowledge of how to do it. Well we've found this website that you may find helpful:

** link to website **

It allows you to *******************